Are you tired of dedicating precious time to initial dental visits, facing rejected treatment plans, and patients struggling to grasp the severity of their dental issues? The frustration in conveying the extent of their ailments, both verbally and through traditional X-rays, can be overwhelming.

The good news is that there is not only a convenient but also a quick and effective solution: an approach that allows direct and clear communication with your patients.

Introducing Dental Shooting, the application that has already revolutionized the practice of countless dentists worldwide. In less than 40 seconds, you can capture a comprehensive photographic status of your patient directly from your smartphone and easily manage the photos from your clinic’s computer or any device, thanks to the seamless synchronization system. Currently, it represents the fastest cataloging system in the world.

Don’t Waste Any More Time – Experience the Future of Dental Photography!

With Dental Shooting, you can rediscover the joy of effective communication with your patients and elevate your dental practice to new levels. The innovation you are looking for is just a click away: take the initiative today!

After downloading the mobile app, we recommend visiting from your PC to download the desktop version. Use the login credentials you registered with to manage photos seamlessly from all your devices. Revolutionize your dental practice with Dental Shooting! Here are the key benefits:

Advanced and Intuitive User Interface:

Say goodbye to complex learning curves with Dental Shooting’s guide grid system, making this method accessible to everyone.

Economically Convenient Solution:

Escape the financial burden of traditional methods by opting for Dental Shooting: a significantly more cost-effective yet highly effective alternative.

Organized Cataloging:

Maintain an organized and easily accessible patient catalog for practical and efficient information management.

Extraordinary Time Savings:

In less than 40 seconds, create a comprehensive photographic status, drastically reducing times compared to traditional methods.

Guaranteed Gains:

Increase acceptance of treatment plans by providing visual clarity to the patient, building trust, and contributing to clinic revenue growth.

Advanced In-House Editing:

Forget external editing programs. Dental Shooting’s integrated editing system allows you to highlight imperfections and issues with ease.

Dental Shooting Desktop:

Simplify your workflow with Dental Shooting Desktop, ensuring seamless image management for efficient practice.





Dental Shooting is not just an app; it is a revolution for dental photography. Elevate your patient communication, optimize your workflow, and embrace the future of dental medicine. The power to transform your practice is in your hands: don’t let it slip away! Download Dental Shooting now and embark on a journey to redefine your experience in dental photography. With Dental Shooting, the future is now.