We are excited to introduce you to the future of intraoral photography with the Nibia LED Diffuser, a revolutionary innovation designed to significantly enhance the quality of your dental images. We understand how crucial image clarity is for accurate diagnosis, and Nibia is here to ensure every detail is sharp, eliminating unwanted shadows, and simplifying your daily workflow.

Sharp Details with Innovative Technology:

Nibia’s advanced design offers a wide 135° lighting angle, ensuring even light distribution across the entire device surface. By eliminating annoying shadows, Nibia ensures sharp details for comprehensive and accurate documentation, allowing you to provide more precise diagnoses to your patients.

Light Quality in Every Situation:

With a perfect light temperature of 5600K, Nibia excels even in non-optimal lighting conditions. Now you can capture high-quality photos at any time, ensuring a clear and detailed view of the intraoral area, regardless of surrounding environmental conditions.

Maximum Flexibility with Triple Intensity Adjustment:

Nibia puts complete control in your hands. With its three light intensity adjustment systems, you can tailor the brightness to the specific needs of each case, ensuring optimal results in every clinical situation. Nibia’s flexibility is designed to meet your professional requirements.

Simple and Effective Positioning:

Place Nibia at the center of your phone’s main lens for optimal results. This strategic position maximizes the diffused light effect, ensuring uniform and shadow-free illumination during intraoral photography sessions. Its user-friendly design allows you to focus on the patient without worrying about lighting.

Perfect Synchronization with DentalShooting:

Nibia seamlessly integrates with the DentalShooting app, offering an advanced photographic experience. Capture intraoral images with ease and precision, enriching your photographic documentation with clear and accurate details. The perfect synchronization between Nibia and DentalShooting optimizes your workflow and simplifies image management.



In Conclusion:

The Nibia LED Diffuser is a remarkable step forward in intraoral photography lighting. It eliminates unwanted shadows, ensures quality light in every situation, and provides total control over light intensity. It is the ideal choice for professionals seeking excellence in dental photographic documentation.

Place Nibia at the center of your lens and enhance your practice by capturing every detail with clarity and precision. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your photographic documentation with Nibia.